Kundalini Yoga


Hot Power Yoga Mondays @ 5:30a

Kundalini Yoga is a scientific technology that involves working with your energy to connect with and experience your own inner power. Kundalini Yoga helps you to strengthen your own light leading to expanded awareness and increased vitality by aligning our relationship with body, mind and spirit. 

This practice is great for all students, beginner to advanced. In class you will learn exercises and meditation practices that cultivate intuition and deep listening, and are easily integrated into your daily life. Each 60-minute class consists of a Kriya (action or physical movement), Meditation, and Relaxation.


Specific to You

Private sessions can be booked to fit your needs. These sessions are tailored to what you might be looking for, physical practice, breathwork, meditation. Whatever it is you'd like to dig deeper into. 

TImes are flexible based on both our schedules.