Hello Scorpio New Moon

Hello New Moon in Scorpio, this is a time for letting go and making space for the new. Scorpio seems to call us to move with the seasons, embrace the dark and allow the death that comes with Autumn so that we may release that which no longer serves us. It took me some time to figure out my intention this month. Naturally coming off my own sign and birthday season I felt so connected to the Libra New Moon, I knew what I needed immediately. With Scorpio I definitely felt a clinging... hint that clinging is what needs to be released.

So here is my clinging: Knowledge.

Knowledge is power and I see myself as a life-long student, but I also know that my constant reach for more education has also gotten in my way. My view of education and knowledge has been rather traditional: schooling, college, lots of letters behind my name. Yet, I also feel like I don't know enough. At times I feel unworthy because I think I should know more or that because I'm not an expert I have no business in the area. I lack ability to give myself the credit for what I do know and the knowledge I know have. Looking back this has always been an issue for me. I measured my worth, and others measured my worth, through my schooling. I always knew I got good grades, I knew the material, and I could regurgitate anything you told me. But on a deeper level I felt I lacked fully embodiment of the knowledge to the extent that I wanted! I knew I was smart, everyone told me that all the time, but deep down the things I really want to understand don't click the way I hope so I just search for more and keep getting the validation of being "smart." This is where I've become stuck, in the validation from a Western form of education when not all things are explained by science and research, many parts of life are simply felt.

I want to go deeper, past the surface and really understand things in a way that holds true to my authentic self.I want the time to really sit with a concept until I feel it deep in my bones and it either resonates with me or disintegrates and is passed to someone who may benefit from it more.

So, I let go of my old view of knowledge, of always seeking more education for the validation. I fully embody and experience the knowledge I have, I am grateful for my education, and I spend time embracing my knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding from my own perspective.

I need to add that I do not come to this on my own. I have listened to my inner wisdom from my Kundalini practice. I also receive guidance from Rachelle with Fibercation ( who runs a beautiful program to help set intention and stay on track through the cycles. Check her out and sign up for her Cosmic Moon Membership to learn more!

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