Many of you have followed my blog in the past and sadly that blog was deleted. However, I realized something quite profound, almost everything from that previous blog was before my separation from my husband, before all the growth that has come since we changed our relationship and before I committed more to my authentic self. In a way it was quite fitting that blog was deleted because so much of that is a person who no longer exists, or does but in a different way.

So welcome to the new blog. Welcome to SKYE yoga and counseling. For those who are new around here I'm Keileigh. I am a licensed clinical social worker, a Registered Yoga Teacher-500, and a Level 1 Kundalini Teacher. I am a lifelong learner, a mother, a healer, a supporter, a runner, a spirit connected being, and so much more that even I am learning. This is just a quick run down of me. In this blog you'll find all sorts of things yoga, Kundalini, mediation and sometimes just straight up processing of life. This is a place to learn and grow together.

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